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Frequently Asked Questions About New Swimming Pools | Offshore Pools

So you are thinking about taking the plunge?

Offshore Pools would like to assist you with information you should review prior to speaking with any sales representative.

Most homeowners discount the amount of time and effort required to make an educated decision on their pool purchase. This is not necessarily intentional, homeowners simply do not know how much is involved in installing a new pool. Furthermore most companies do a bad job, perhaps intentionally, of educating the homeowner.

Please take the time to “click” on the information provided below to help you navigate through the sales process in an educated and informed manner.

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Pool Companies and Selecting Your Contractor

Choosing and hiring a contractor for any major home improvement is unfamiliar territory for most homeowners. A pool purchase is a major investment for most homeowners and should be treated as such. Learn the differences between pool companies and ask questions so you can make an intelligent and informed decision. Click Here to Read More

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5 Common Mistakes by Homeowner When Considering a Pool

Unlike most purchases homeowners make, a swimming pool is constructed on site. In ground pools are major construction and believing the saying that “a pool is a pool, is a pool”, is one of the most common mistakes a homeowner makes. Click Here to Read More

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Please Review Prior to Our Sales Appointment

In an effort to assist our potential customers, has created this website to help you navigate your way through the sales process. Please take the time to review all aspects of our site. This site will, hopefully, make the sales presentation an easier and less time consuming process for our clients in some of the areas they may want to consider prior to their appointment. Click Here to Read More

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The Offshore Pool Difference

So, hopefully you have taken the time to review and digest some of the information provided for you on our website. Your next question may be “What makes OFFSHORE POOLS different then the competition”? Click Here to Read More

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