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Pool Maintenance Service Ocean County | Offshore Pools

Clean, clear and refreshing water is paramount to the ultimate swimming experience and good pool maintenance. Balancing the chemistry of your water is important to the longevity of your equipment and minimizing the cost of maintenance. Our highly skilled, expertly trained staff know all about pool maintenance. They’ll keep you in the pool all summer long!

Pool Maintenance Service Ocean County | Offshore Pools


  • Check Heater Equipment & Operations
  • Check Filter Pressure
  • Backwash Filter (if applicable)
  • Recharge Filter (if applicable)
  • Test Sanitizer Levels
  • Test pH Balance Levels
  • Fill Chemical Feeder System
  • Shock Pool (if applicable)
  • Clean Pump Basket

  • Clean Skimmer Basket
  • Clean Cartridge Filter (if applicable)
  • Clean Vacuum Filter Bag
  • Scrub Tile Border
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Brush Pool Walls & Floor
  • Clean Diving Board and Stand
  • Clean Rails
  • Rinse Deck Area

We Offer Pool Maintenance Services To Ocean County and Central New Jersey

Contact Offshore Pools today to schedule your Weekly Pool Maintenance service. Offshore Pools can make your pool an enjoyable feature of your Ocean County home rather than an extra chore!

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