Swimming Pool Hardscaping Masonry And Design

Offshore Pools realizes that when thinking about a pool in the backyard, there is more to consider. This is why we offer in-house construction for all your masonry and hardscape needs with over 30 years of experience. From concrete patios, decorative concrete such as Architectural or Stamped concrete, any type of paver patio, high end materials such as natural stone, porcelain or outdoor tile, etc. Any type of pool coping, retaining walls, raised patios, masonry steps and landings, cultured stone and veneer work, etc. All this can be incorporated into your outdoor project when doing the pool to erase the hassle of finding outside contractors. Every customer of Offshore Pools becomes a customer for patio work if desired and is seamlessly fit into our schedule so work can be done promptly and according to projected timelines. We also offer our full-service masonry and hardscape crews for all existing pool renovations so again the full project can be completed seamlessly with one contractor with no timeline or scheduling issues. Please look at our finished work below. 

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Offshore Pools is the leading Pool Builder, Pool Maintenance, and Pool Service Company in Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey. We serve the local homeowner residents of Ocean County, Monmouth County, and the surrounding areas, Offshore Pools is also proud to offer a retail location for all Pool Chemical & Accessory needs. Contact the experts at Offshore Pools today to schedule your Maintenance PlanCustom Pool BuildPool Renovation, appointment.

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